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News 2004

October 2004

Now it is October. It is nice weather so that we play all day in our garden. We have been naughty recently. We have raked up several holes in the lawn and Tana was angry with us. On the other hand in other situations we are very obedient. My weight is always 16,5 kilograms and Beti´s weight is 13 kilograms now. I thing, Beti has grown up into very nice bitch . It´s fine to play with her. She is not already so little for our games than before. And every evening we fall asleep together like an angels.

July 2004

I´m back again. We bought lovely bitch of Staffordshire Bull Terrier - Beti - in july. She is 8 weeks old, black striped, with pedigree and her weight is 4 kilograms /now my weight is 16 kg/.

We are playing all day and I love her so much... Sometimes she bites me, but it doesn´t mind me. I hope when she grows up into "young girl", we will be walking together and all dogs from our street will be envy her to me.

April 2004

I look forward to my first exhibition. As soon as I am adult, I wil search for bride. She must be only of noble birth. I am looking for dogfriends. If you are also staffbull, try to write me something about you and your home. If you want to know about me more contact my family or send me a mail. To be continue.

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