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News 2008

Dice Fay Slade Czech

We would like to wish to our offspring Dice Fay Slade Czech (Noisette┤s puppy) to wonderful result in Club SBT show in Russia , in intermediate class. Judge: Jamie Mace, England:

- (CW), Best Bitch, BOB !

There were entered 55 dogs so we are very proud of her. Now she is Junior Champion of Russia:)

Newborn puppies - 7. 11. 2008

Today our Beti gave birth two wonderful healthy females. Their photos you can see very soon at our web.

National dog show, Brno, 18.10.2008

This show judged Mr. Broukal, he was very solitious of a movement. Apollanka was entered in open class with the result:


The 1st French Symposium

We want to share with us in wonderful result of one of Filomenne┤s offspring: ERUPTION SLADE CZECH "CISKO", 11 MONTHS, living in Guadeloupe. He visited last week France and took part in the "show": The 1st French Symposium, judged by past masters in sbt┤s Jim Beaufoy (Wyrefare) and Abe Harkness ( Senkrah).


We would like to inform you about future puppies: Beti┤s pregnancy was confirmed yesterday at sonograph. Puppies will born at the beginning of November, around 5-6/11.

27.9.2008 International show in Wroclaw, Poland

Judge: George Schogol (Germany)

- Filomenne NoYap Mp, t°Ýda otev°enß: Vřbornß (5 fen celkem)
- Eduard Van SC, t°Ýda mladřch: Vřbornř (6 ps¨ celkem)


We would like to say congratulation to the first Dodge┤s show in Norway! From 12 entered dogs Dodge was placed 4th!(he is a puppy out of our Noisette, now 11 months). We are proud of him very much! Best wishes to the future to Dodge and Line:)

L2HGA and HC tested CLEAR

The Animal Health Trust (AHT) Today we have received results from AHT for L2HGA and HC of our two last tested bitches: Noisette Daffodil Yellow and Apollanka Penn-Staff. Both of them are CLEAR for these two genetically ilnesses! To date all our staffies are clear and we will mate them again only to clear dogs to have only clear puppies in the future.

National show in Bedzin, Poland, 27.7.2008

This time was entered only Filomenne. Weather was fine again - sunshine all day. We met a lot of Polish friends there so the time spent there was really pleasant. FILOMENNE was in open class:


Congrats, Filo:)

National dog show in Ustro˛ (Poland), July 2008

National dog show in Ustro˛ (Poland), July 2008 Very nice weather, very nice surroundings of the Beskydy mountain and very nice placing for our G.B and Filomenne :

- Pritsim Getto Romance ("G.B"): intermediate class, EXCELLENT 2
- Filomenne NoYap Magicpower┤s : open class, EXCELLENT 1, CWC, THE BEST OF BITCH IN A RACE !

International show in Brno - Intercanis, 28.6.2008

International show in Brno - Intercanis, 28.6.2008 This last our show before the summer vacation was hold in huge space of Brno exhibition grounds. It is about 200 km from Ostrava to Brno and we had got a bad day since the morning. The first of all we punctured front tyre...Then I had to change my car for another one and Eduard went home with my husbend because his class started at 9 o┤clock. And we couldn┤t caught it. Moreover 5 km before the exhibition halls was car accident so I thought we can┤t get there ever...
It was very tight on time but I exhibited:


Judge was Mr. Horak, CZ and I want to share his comment about Filo: " ...27 motnhs-old bitch, which fascinated the judge for her fantastic head..." We love her all "being" and congratulations, Filomenne and Emily!

Guadeloupe show

During the same weekend took place also a show in Guadeloupe, where lives our Eruption ("Cisko") - Filomenne┤s puppy. We are happy because Cisko received super assessment - in all items was Excellent ! So congratulations to Cisko and also Onick for very nice handling:)

Norway show

We would like also say congrats to Electra Santana and her owners Rune and Kroa (Norway) for super handling in her first show and wonderful 3rd place (entered 10 bitches)! She was only 6 months there - so keep your work, Electra!

Russia, Moscow show, June 2008

This month was a show also in Russia where live our puppy after our Noisette.
- Dice Fay Slade Czech. She pleased the judge very much, she gaved her wonderful description: Very promising 1, and the best puppy! She was also exhibited on a show "Young handler" and they won second place:) And then on BIS Puppy she took first place! So congratulations, Dice Fay:)

SBT Club show, Namest na Hane, 21.6.2008

This club show was hold in very nice place of the castle. Weather was really wonderful and all show was very nice. We had entered there these our dogs with these results:

- Eduard Van - youth class (6-9 months): Very promising 2, entered 5 staffies
- Emily Van - youth class (6-9 months) : Very promising
- Apollanka - intermediate class : Excellent 4 (entered 12 bitchces)
- Filomenne - open class : Excellent 2, res. CAC (entered 15 bitches)- this res.CAC is sixth in the row:)

Congratulations to all our dogs for wonderful showing themselves and to super results!

National show in Raciborz, Poland, 15.6.2008

After longer time we took for this National show (besides our Filomenne) also our Beti and Ken with these results:

- Black Klenot Bu-Am-Sti ("Ken") : open class, Excellent 3
- Beti z Grodu Sanguszkˇw ("Beti"): open class, Excellent 1, CWC, the best bitch in a race
- Filomenne NoYap Magicpower ("Filo"): open class, Excellent 2

National show in Ostrava, 12.4.2008

Cruft┤s 2008

We are very proud of our Apollanka which was nominated for this year┤s Cruft┤s in Birmigham. It is very famous show and we had a possibility to show there our Apola...Although Api wasn┤t placed at the first 4 positions we could see a lot of staffie "legends", met wonderful people - breeders and saw this doggy show...Maybe we come back in the future years again:)

Cisko is now safe at his new home ...

In the beginning of the March 2008 our last puppy Eruption ("Cisko") got off to hsi new home at Guadeloupe. In spite of some problems with French customs officers on Guadeloupe┤s airport Cisko is now safe at his new home ...

International show in Brno, February 2008

8.2.2008 - Filomenne took part in this International show in open class with result: Excellent 2, Res. CAC - thank you, FIlomenne :). Judge: Mrs. Veverkova

January 2008

Filomenne┤s puppies are already in their new wonderful homes and here stay Emily, Eduard in our kennel and Eruption ("Cisko") should fly to Guadeloupe on March in the age of his 4th months - according to French rules. All three make up a demolition gang sometimes :)

We would like to thanks to the new owners of Filo┤s pups: Dr. Zborilova (Eskimo Pie), Mrs. Pavelkova (Enigma) from Czech republic, Victoria and Finn (Extreme Edition), Rune and Kroa (Electra Santana), Eirik Kaaby (Esprit Fort) - all these three families are from Norway - so cordial thanks to all of you for your love to our puppies ! We want to say thank you for sending puppies photos to us and we are glad to be in a touch, we hope forever. It is very important for us to see our pups to grow up ...

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