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News 2006

November 2006 - World Dog Show 2006 in Poland

World Dog Show 2006 in Poland As a lot of breeders we also were looking forward for a World Dog Show 2006 in Poland. It meant for us to go about 400 km there and several hours of driving. Although there were not completely good roads but finally we got to Poznań without problems and on time.

There were very spacious show halls. It is very important for the serenity of the dogs and also people. The females were seperated from males so that there were 2 show rings. Judge for females was Dorota Kuczyńska-Stande³³o (PL) and for males Damir Skok (HR).

Unfortunately we had to let our Ken at home according to his small injury at his head so he was keeping crossed his paws from his nook. And it seems that his constant keeping his fingers was successful because our FILOMENNE NO YAP won her class and she is now WORLD WINNER IN PUPPY CLASS (6 - 9 months)! There were entered 7 females in this class but at the end there came out 5 beautiful princess. And finally we were really surprise again when Filomenne went to the ring with the male puppy winner and she won once again. So furthermore she has a title THE BEST PUPPY! It was only her third shows ( she has been always an Very promising ) in her 8 months!

We are very happy and proud! We would like to say to our friends and Filomenne“s breeders - Ellu and Jarmo - thanks for our FILO again and again. You can watch a lot of photos from this World dog show here.

September 2006

[28.09.2006] We are here! 5 girls and 2 boys :0) We are healthy black or striped puppies. We were born early morning yesterday (27.09.2006) and we all and our mum Noisette are very fine. Look at our first photos.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier [03.09.2006] The Joe Mallen show in Austria took place 3rd of September 2006. There were about 130 staffies and the judges were: Mr. Brian Owen (GB) for judging dogs and Mrs. Ann Corns (GB) for bitches. We showcased Filomenne (puppy class), Noisette and Ken (both open class). Nois also Ken obtained very nice honour: Excellent.

We appreciate these results from English judges very much. We would like to go for this show again in the future according to very nice setting and atmosphere.

August 2006

[25.08.2006] Today Noisette“s pregnancy was confirmed and the puppies are expected at the beginning of the October. If you are interested in them you can e-mail us.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier And we have again one puppy less. Aboo - Baboo flew with her new owners, Catrin and Krister from Fire eye“s kennel, to her new home to Sweden this month. We want to say a words of thanks to both of them for pleasant wekend here in the Czech republic ! Of course thanks to Ellu and Jape from Magicpower kennel who took over two our puppies - female Allow me (Quiero) and boy Alpacho. Both of them will live in Finland with their new owners: Allow me with Tiia in Helsinki and Alpacho with Jaana in Viiala. Thanks to Ellu and Jape for nice meeting in Prague! The last puppy Aaliza Belle flew all the way to Vancouver in Canada, but she will live in Revelstoke city. It was very long flight but everything came out well and presently she is happy with her new owner Tracy.

July 2006

The last July weekend our first boy Amulet left to his new home to Slovenija. We would like to thanks to his new owners Marko and Sabina for pleasant time spent with them and we wish them a lot of beautiful common moments.
Filomenne“s daddy Boomer this month became Swedish Champion! He has already obtained Estonish Ch and Finnish Ch. We are very proud of him !

June 2006

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Whoopeee! They are here finally ! 3rd of June were born our puppies: 3 girls and 2 boys.

Beti is super-mum, she takes care of them with a big love...All of them had birthing weight about 300 g and now - they are 11 days old - have about 800-900 g :0)

May 2006

Today, 1.5., I came back from Finland with our lovely puppy Filomenne No Yap. She comes from Finland from Magicpower“s kennel. I am very happy and proud to have just her. She has one sister and 5 brothers yet and all of them are very handsome and beautiful puppies! No small wonder - their mother is very nice bitch Anni (Magicpower“s Catastrofes Co) and father is Boomer (Powerpaws World Acclaim).

I want to say a word of thank to Ellu and Jape from Magicpower“s for their huge hospitality and possibility to have my Filomenne :0)) Super people with super dogs - Spike, Wigwambam a Paha! And also I am glad that I got to know Boomer“s owner Anne-Mari /IHANA/ and Anni“s owner Anne. It was really great to get to know them and their beautiful dogs and last not least their nice city Helsinki.

April 2006

During the weekend (1.-2.4.) we mated our Beti with Ken. This mating was successful and we hope that we will have very nice and healthy puppies !

March 2006

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Whoopee! Beti has started her heat! Keep your fingers crossed for her mating and for our future healthy and wonderful puppies!

It is snowing again...It seems the snow will be here for a long time yet and the spring thaw isn“t in sight :0( But the temperatures are about zero - it is very good news because we can go for a longer walk. For example today we were an hour and half for a walk along the river.

Our little Noisette has come into her heat too but we will mate her the next time. So we can looking forward for the "spring" Beti“s puppies and for the "autumn" Noisette“s puppies !

January 2006

We have got a lot of snow here - you can see the photos in our gallery. We are still expecting Beti“s heat day by day...So we must inform you when we will mate her in the end of the January or maybe even on the February. I will give you the news continuously:0))

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