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News 2012

Newborn pups are here!

October 10, 2012
2 girls, 4 boys ! We we would like to introduce with pride the first litter of our very promising female Quo Vadis Slade Czech “Spy”, daughter of our wonderful Magicpower´s Filomenne NoYap - import Finland and South Africa imported stud dog Zutar What a Cracker.

We mated our Spy with very nice succesfull dog with UK blood line – Quest For Fame FB. For more info about this litter use my e-mail or my cell +420 776 559 808

Regional show in Ostrava, Czech Republic

August 18, 2012
Our staffies + our offsprings:
  • Vanity Star Slade Czech, youth class: Excellent 4
  • Nemo Cpt. Slade Czech, open class: Excellent 1, class winner, Regional winner
  • Quatrefoil Slade Czech, intermediate class: Excellent 1, class winner
  • Xollie Slade Czech, puppy class: Very promising 1
Also our Bikini Mini Mira Canis „Muffi“ /pug – mops/ was Excellent 1, Class winner, Regional winner

Nissan of Road Slade Czech

August 03, 2012
Romania - Europe, three-days shows:

  • 14.07.12 - Constanta - CAC, CACIB - Champion Romania
  • 15.07.12 - Constanta-CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG - 2 - GRAND Champion Romania
  • 16.07.12 - Varna CACIB - CACIB, BOB
Huge congratulations to our fantastic offspring Nissan /Ch. Eduard Van Slade Czech x Apollanka Penn-Staff/ ! We are very proud of you and your owner Larisa! Well done!

Filomenne´s pups are here!

July 28, 2012
Saturday´s night our Magicpower´s Filomenne Noyap whelped 7 wonderful healthy puppies – 4 boys and 3 girls !

In the case of interest in them contact us please by email or phone: + 420 776 559 808 .

Newborn pups

July 10, 2012
Our Noisette Daffodil Yellow whelped 5 beautiful brindle females - 1 of them is red with white collar. Father is UK import Sheikastaffs Seen Ya Lookin´. L2HGA and HC: CLEAR
Nois has given us several promising puppies and champions so in the case of interest in this litter you can write or call us: or , +420 776 559 808

More info in actual litter

International show in Brno, Intercanis

June 23-24, 2012
Saturday show yielded us the huge succeses - specially for our male EDUARD VAN SLADE CZECH - he obtained the last CAC to be a Champion of the Czech republic ! Judge: Mr. Rehanek /CZ/


  • EDUARD VAN SLADE CZECH - open class : EXCELLENT 1, CAC ! - the last CAC for procuration of title Champion of the Czech republic !

Sunday results - mops/pug
Judge: Mr. Vondrous /CZ/

Bikini Mini Mira Canis "Muffi" - intermediate : EXCELLENT 1, CAC, res. CACIB
Black Jade Pakony "Affi" - puppy class : Very promising

Club SBT show, Kolesa u Pardubic

June 09, 2012
- VANITY STAR SLADE CZECH - puppy class / 8 months/, entered 10 females : VERY PROMISING1 ! + THE BEST MOVEMENT !
- QUO VADIS SLADE CZECH - interm.class, entered 16 females : EXCELLENT 2, res. CAC !
- KENTSTARS VALGLORY - youth class, entered 38 females: VG

more + photos

National show Ostrava

April 14, 2012
This show is our "home show" in city Ostrava. This year was judge: Mr. Horak, CZ. He judged our dogs with these results:

- Eduard Van Slade Czech, open Class: Excellent 3
- Quo Vadis Slade Czech, intermediate: Excellent 2, res CAC
- Vanity Star Slade Czech, puppy: Very promising 1
- Ultra-Minx Slade Czech, puppy: Very promising 2
- Ramaya Slade Czech, youth: Excellent 2
- Kenstars Valglory, youth: VG
- Seize The Day Van Slade Czech, youth: VG

On Sunday 15.4.2012 took part in the National show our mops Lady Bikini Mini Mira Canis - Excellent 1, CAJC .)

Albermarbull Blue Divine & Klansman Felicity Cheer

March 08, 2012
Our Sofie whelped 9 pups from night 8 to 9 of March. 6 girls and 3 boys! Boys are blue, girls 2 blue and 4 are black/brindle. All of them are in a good condition and mom Sofie has a lot of milk! More info in actual litter

Emily Van Slade Czech

February 18, 2012
Today our Emily whelped 2 wonderful puppies, girl and boy. All of them are healthy :-)

International show DUO CACIB BRNO

February 04-05, 2012
4. 2.2012 - Judge Mr.Palosaari Juha /Finland/ for females, for males: Mr. Matyas /SK/

Quo Vadis Slade Czech - Excellent 4 /20 females entered, youth class/
Eduard Van Slade Czech - Excellent /15 males entered, open class/

Face To Face Slade Czech - Excellent /open class/
Lucianna Toy Slade Czech - Excellent /open class/
Prodigi Slade Czech - Excellent 2 /20 females, youth class/

5.1.2012 - Judge Mr. Bucko Stanislav /SK/
Eduard Van Slade Czech - VG
Ultra-Minx Slade Czech - Very promising 1 /puppy class, from 3 puppies females entered/
Nemo Cpt. Slade Czech - Excellent /intermediate class/

Sofii´s pregnancy

February 01, 2012
Today sono confirmed Sofii´s pregnancy! Puppies are expected in the half of March. Also we took for sono Apollanka - it seemed to be also positive so we would rather check it next week be sure: Apola´s puppies will be born one week later.

Emily Van Slade Czech & Sheikastaffs Seen Ya Lookin'

January 13, 2012
Ultrasound confirmed Emily´s pregnancy, puppies will be born in the half of February. More info in section "Planned litters" or at email :

Albermarbull Blue Divine & Klansman Felicity Cheer

January 13, 2012
Our blue female Sofie was succesfully mated by Klansman Felicity Cheer. We will go for ultrasound around 1.2.2012.

Thanks to Iveta and Lenka for possiblity to use this wonderful friendly dog for our Sofie!

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