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News 2009

Aquatrainer and Vilibald

Dec 23 2009
Finally we have got an oportunity to use a new aquatrainer for our VIlibald. Our veterinary surgeon Mr. Polak promised to buy it and really he have kept his word.

Thank you for the super trainings - Vilibald´s leg is better and better!

Jacko Torostaffies Slade Czech in Brasil

Dec 04 2009
4.12.2009 - Our baby JACKO TOROSTAFFIES SLADE CZECH is finally in his new home in Brasil! We are so happy Jacko will live with friend of mine - Hudson who has been very long time waiting for him!

Now Jacko is in one of the best hands! We send to both of them thousands of kisses!

News from Denmark

Nov 23 2009
First success was achieved in Denmark at Filomenne´s puppy JANEIRO AMAZING SLADE CZECH "Nemo", born in August this year: Best Puppy in Breed + BIS4 BABY.

Congratulation to Nemo and Christina! Well done!

Eduard´s first litter

Oct 23 2009
today we are very happy: we have got two news - the first is our Eduard mated our Beti, so the puppies will be born just at Christmas Eve:) The second new : Eduard has become a daddy today! He mated bitch Clothilda Wow Slade Czech - she is a daughter of our Beti:) She gave birth to 7 pups - 2 girls and 5 boys!! 3 of them are reds, 1 "tiger", the rest are striped:) This litter will be entered at our Slade Czech kennel, although the pups will grow up with their owners near Brno.

We are very proud of our offsprings ! Serious interested persons are welcome.

Vilibald's bad day

Oct 18 2009
Week ago our Vilibald had a bad day: he was frolicked with Sofi and Apola and jumped clumsily from sofa. He broken his leg in branchial bone and also in the elbow (fragmentation fracture). My vet called in one specialist - orthopedist for the operation. In two days Vilik was operated (nearly 3 hours) and we all hope the operation was succesfull. He has now in his bone screws and wires. But it was several hours only after this surgery and Vilik was very active and happy!

Now we have to wait some months for the finally result: If he will walk with a limp or not. It seems he has nearly any pains:) But he needs to start rehabilitation every day. We want to thanks to our vet - surgeon and orthopedist Mr. Josef Polak and specialist in orthopedics and surgery Mr. Dvorak, Ph.D. from Brno for their professional attitude and they have a done a great job.

World Dog Show, Bratislava (Slovak Republic)

Oct 09 2009
We were very happy for the World dog show because of the distance from our city to Bratislava (about 300 km). We entered Apollanka, Emily and Eduard. Judge from Romania was very strict and although Apolla (open class) obtained very nice judgement she was Very Good. Emily (intermediate class) had to go to the ring with another person because I was in the ring with Eduard at the same time. So it wasn´t good for her she is very sensitive and dependent on me so she received mark Good (she was in the strike with her walking :(
But EDUARD was doing very well in the ring (intermediate class) and from participated 18 dogs he was EXCELLENT 4! We were walking up on air because it is very huge success - moeover his mother - our Filomenne - is World winner and Best World puppy form Poland 2006 (class 6-9 months). We are very happy that our "reds" doing so very well in the rings !

Males: Shamil Abrakimov, Russia
Females: Stefanescu Cristian, Romania

Club SBT Show, Austria, St. Pölten

Sept 13 2009
Next day we were a bit tired but we went to the famous sbt Club show to St.Pölten in Austria.

Judge was from England, very honest and fair-minded Mr. Jamie Mace. Results:

  • EDUARD VAN SLADE CZECH - interm. class: EXCELLENT 3 (out of 8 dogs)
  • APOLLANKA PENN - STAFF - OPEN CLASS: Excellent (out of 14 bitchess) and the same situation like on Saturday show: Mr. Mace choose from only the 6th the best bitches

Club SBT show, Czech Republic

Sept 12 2009
This club show was hold in very nice place with wonderful suroundings - near wood and area around the rings gave a lot of space for leting our dogs out of a run. There were entered nearly 180 staffies and it was a hot but nice competition:)
Judges : Mrs. Ludmila Chistyakova (Russia) for males and for females Mrs. Tatiana Deres ( Russia )
Results :

  • EDUARD VAN SLADE CZECH - intermediate class: EXCELLENT 2, res. CAC (10 dogs entered, only 3 dogs passed judgement with Exc, other with VG or G)
  • APOLLANKA PENN - STAFF - open class: EXCELLENT (entered 17 bitches, Apola ended between the last 6 the best bitches together with our offspring CLOTHILDA WOW SLADE CZECH (our Beti´s puppy)

Also we are very proud of our another offspring - by the way mother is also our Beti:

National show in Norway

August 23 2009
News came form Norway: One of Noisette´s puppies - our Gallant Princess Slade Czech - took part in two National shows during the weekend: Both days "Mira" was Excellent 2 - Congratulations! She is very young (7 months) but she is doing very well in the ring!

Thanks to her owners Mette and Vegard for professional handling.

  • Mira´s Judgement on Sunday, judge; Duzan Paunowic (Srb) :
    Correct female head. Good chest, middle bones, correct bite. Enough correct topline. Correct behind angle. Good temper
  • Mira´s Judgement on Saturday, judge; Hanne Laine Jensen (Denmark):
    Feminine with well shaped strong body. Broad, deep, expressive head. Good neck and top-line. Well carried tail. Good angles and bones. Good movements. :)

Sofi & Sefi

August 21 2009
From of August you will see at our web site two new staffies - import England: Siblings - a boy Albermarbull Blue Seraph (Sefin) and a girl Albermarbull Blue Divine (Sofie). Sefin lives with her owner near Brno and there was already waiting one staffie girl for him named Ebony. Sofinka lives toghether with Apollanka and Vilibald close to us (4 km:), so we will see her very often.

We hope our blue-brindle girl and white boy with the bluebrindle patches on his head will spice up SBT breeding here in Europe...Thanks to Amanda for these two wonderful and cuddlesome staffies.

DUODANUBE Bratislava, 15-16.8.2009

August 15 2009
Both of these days was a premiere for our offsprings: Noisette´s puppy GISMOND IDAHO SC took part on Saturday show with the result: Promising:), baby class (6-9months). Our offspring out of Apollanka and our Ken - ICE CAPADE SC was both days VERY PRIMISING 1 :), baby class (6-9months). JUDGES: Saturday: Mrs. Radvánszky Catalin (Hungaria), Sunday: Mr, Polehòa Frantisek (CZ).

Thank you for the first wonderful results:) We had to stay at home because of Filomenne´s maybe next year :)

News from Russia

August 04 2009
At the photo is Noisette´s puppy Dice Fay Slade Czech (Jr.CH, CH. Russia) and her wonderful babies! Very cute!

Thank you Irina for sharing the wonderful photos with us...

August 03 2009
Today our Filomenne gave birth to 5 wonderful red puppies: 1 girl and 4 boys. All of them are healthy and in a good condition, we are so happy everything was without complications.

Import England - Sheikastaffs Seen Ya Lookin' - "Vilibald"

July 27 2009
The last Monday in July I visited England - Manchester where I had a meeting with very nice people - Saz and Mark from Sheikastaffs kennel. They brought up their puppy to me - a male named Sheikastaffs Seen Ya Lookin' - "Vilibald".

We are very happy to have him already here in the Czech republic although he lives with our friends Alena and Vlastik and his "big sister" - our bitch - Apollanka close to us. Thank you Saz and Mark for this wonderful boy.


July 9 2009
In July 2009 to our kennel increase new import from England, a male Sheikastaffs Seen Ya Lookin'"Vilibald" from SheikaStaffs kennel. We are very looking forward for him specially bitch Apollanka... he will live with her at our friends.

Vili´s pedegree is interesting for us, he has very nice parents: mother is Dancing on Ice for Sheikastaffs "Ice", father is well-known dog in UK - Rockstaff Vagabond for Odenstaff "Apollo". We hope Vilibald will be huge support of our future breeding.

International show in Brno & International show in Krakow

June 27 2009

Special SBTC show, Rybniky - Dobris

June 20 2009

SBT Open show Norway

June 10 2009
Our puppy Gallant Princess Slade Czech "Mira" (out of our Noisette) got 2. place in the show in Norway : they were entered 10 puppies in her puppy class 4-6 months and then received also: 5 place of the best puppy bitch - out of both puppy classes 4-6 & 6-9 months and she was moreover the Best in show ( BIS ) out of all the puppies!

Also her brother Golden Rain Slade Czech "Chevy" took place in the same show and got 1. place in his class (14 entered) and then he was 4. best in puppy! Judge: Mary Coble - England. Congratulation to both of you!! We are very proud of you and your owners!

Dodge Slade Czech

May 6 2009
Congratulations to our Dodge (Norway), Noisette x Falcon´s puppy to wonderful results in the National show: the first place - Best male , The Best of Race, 2nd place in Terrier Group !
Judge: Nils Molin from Sweden

Club show, Mlada Boleslav

April 11 2009
This show was very important for our two youngest staffies: Emily and Eduard. They need this last show needful for their future breeding ( to be a stud .) I took also our Filomenne to open class. My friend Katka with her bitch Enigma "Goldy" took part int he show too - Goldy is a litter sister of Eduard and Emily. Girls received EXCELLENT marks and it is very nice judgement because in some classes were 24 bitches actually ...

National show in Ostrava

April 04 2009
Today sunny day was very pleasant not only to the super temperature about 20 degrees but also for the perfect results of our dogs at our National show, judgement: Mrs. Dankova:

  • Eduard Van SladeSlade Czech, youth class: Excelent 1, CAC
  • Emily Van Slade Czech, youth class: Excellent
  • Filomenne NoYap Magicpower´s, open class: Excellent 2, res. CAC

Also Filo´s puppy Enigma "Goldy" ended with Excellent mark.

Gallant Princess & Golden Rain

April 01 2009
Also Gallant Princess and Golden Rain are in the new homes too - in Norway. So we hope that they will very nice lovely homes there. Both owners have got already one staffie in their house so we suposse that Princess and also Rain will have "new brothers and sisters" there.

Gallant Dotey

March 30 2009
Our pups are going slowly to their new homes, so again here will be a bit tearful time...We would like to thanks to all the new owners of our pups for their love to our dogs and pics what they send to us so often....

Apollanka Penn-Staff

March 04 2009
Today Apollanka Penn-Staff gave birth to 4 lovely puppies, 3 girls and 1 boy.

We are so happy: all of them are healthy and so pretty! Here you can see the first photos.

Dice Fay Slade Czech

Feb 28 2009
We received today wonderful news from Moscow, where lives our Dice Fay Slade Czech (Noisette´s puppy): there were two biggest Russian dog CACIB shows
Now Dice Fay is Champion of Russia and Champion of RKF, QUALIFICATION for CRUFT´ S 2010! We are very proud of both of us, Irina and Dice Fay! Congrats!

  • Saturday Eurazia show 1 - 28.2.2009, (rank CACIB), junior class: CW, J-CAC, BEST JUNIOR, BOB!
  • Sunday Eurazia show 2 - 1.3.2009 (rank CACIB), intermediate class: CW, CAC, Best Bitch - CACIB!

Actual litters

Feb 12 2009
We were very surprised when our English import Pritsim Getto Romance "G.B." gave birth to 9 healthy lovely puppies: 5 boys and 4 girls.

Everything lasted only 5 hours and all of them are in a good conditions.

Apollanka Penn-Staff

Jan 25 2009
We mated our bitch Apollanka Penn-Staff to our stud dog Black Klenot Bu-Am-Sti on New Year´s Eve and sono has confirmed her pregnancy. We excpect black-striped pups from this connection. In the case of interest in our puppies you can send us e-mail.

National show Olomouc

Jan 09 2009
Every year we go for a National show in Olomouc. Judge was very rigorous in a judging of teeth and shoulders. Though only one teeth was missing at some of the staffies in a youth class (they were staffies about 1 year old of course) he was very strict and gave Very Good marks... But I have to say Mr. Dostal is only one judge what I have ever seen who was cleaning his hands after judging of every dog in the ring...Very good job! I had very nice feeling from this judging.

Judge: Ing.Jaromir Dostal, DrSc. Results:

  • Eduard Van Slade Czech: VG
  • Emily Van Slade Czech: Excellent
  • Filomenne NoYap Magicpower´s: Excellent 1, CAC

Planned litters

Jan 05 2009
We would like to inform you that our bitches Noisette Daffodil Yellow and English import Pritsim Getto Romance ("G.B") are pregnant. Nois is expecting her pups about 2.2. and GB in the middle of February 2009. All puppies will be clear of L2HGA and HC, all parents are tested. More informations about studs you can find in Planned litters or you can send us e-mail.
We would like to thanks to our friends Barbara and Paul from Gallantstaff kennel for using their fabulous and charismatic boy - Murphy for our Noisette! Also thanks to Vladimir for using his wonderful boy Falcon for our GB!

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