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News 2011

Internatioanl show Nitra, Duocacib, Slovak republic

Nov.20 2011
Saturday 19.11.2011, judge Mrs. Jekaterina Senašenko, Russia

Eduard Van Slade Czech: Excellent 3
Quo Vadis Slade Czech "Spy": VG
Bikini Mini Mira Canis "Muffi" - mops: Very promising
Quatrefoil Slade Czech: Excellent 2

Sunday 20.11.2011., judge Mr. Torsten Himmrich, Germany:
Eduard Van Slade Czech: Výborný 2, res. CAC
Quo Vadis Slade Czech "Spy": Výborná 3
Bikini Mini Mira Canis "Muffi" - mops: VN

Tornado and Turbulence Zone, Vanity Star

Oct.06 2011
This day brought us two news: two of our pups Tornado and Turbulence Zone flew to their new homes to Norway so I want to thanks to my friend Alena for her help with taking them to the Prague airport becasue I had to stay home: our Filomenne gave birth to her the only one puppy - lovely girl! Both Filo as " Vanity Star" are ok! They both send kisses to father Elmo and his owner Dawn to U.K. !

Newborn puppies

Sep.04 2011
Saturday morning were born 7 wonderful healthy puppies to our Noisette Daffodil Yellow and Sheikastaffs Seen Ya Lookin ´ /"Vilibald" - import U.K./. We have 3 gold and 1 black-striped girls and 2 black-striped and 1 gold boys. Both parents are clear of L2HGA and HC and they have fantastic characters.

In the case in these pups please contact me +420 776559808 or at my email: or for people with Hotmail domain:

Planned matings

Sep.04 2011
25.8.2011 - Today sono confirmed pregnancy of our Noisette Daffodil Yellow and stud dog Sheikastaffs Seen Ya Lookin´/import UK/. Puppies will be born around 25.9. and ready to go home in the half of November . They will be Clear of L2HGA and HC.

In the case of interest contact me +420 776 559 808 or mail me:

We hadn´t already hope for Filomenne´s pregnancy because first sono didn´t show any puppies. But control sono /2.9./ have confirmed her pregnancy!

We are happy for that - and thanks to Dawn for possibility to use such a nice dog like Elmo is !

International Show Mlada Boleslav

Aug.27 2011
This show was very nice and also surroundings was wonderful. The weather was ideal for dogs, cloudy and nearly no sunshine. ...
More info about International Show Mlada Boleslav

Regional show Ostrava

Aug.14 2011
Weather was very hot and we had a pleasant time with our dogs and offsprings in this show today. Premiere was for our offspring Sascha and Seize The Day Van ( Samantha) Slade Czech in puppy class: Very promising 1 and 2 ! Also in intermediate class were sucessfull our Quatrefoil Slade Czech: Excellent 1 and Nemo Cpt. Slade Czech: Excellent 3 ...
More info about Regional show Ostrava

Newborn pups

Aug.07 2011
Today our G.B. - Pritsim Getto Romance - whelped 6 wonderful puppies : 4 boys and 2 girls. All of them are healthy and G.B. is super mum.)

Father Vilibald - Sheikastaff´s Seen Ya Lookin´ is very proud daddy!

New import from UK - blue girl

Aug.07 2011
Thanks to Helen for this beautiful blue baby - Kentstars Valglory - called "Brittany". Mum is Valglo Arabella at Kylestaff , father Valglo Tactician.

Brittany lives at our friends and she will be bred at Slade Czech kennel.

Quintinus Slade Czech, 8 months

July 25 2011
Quintinus Slade Czech, 8 months /Norway/. Thanks to Charlotte for photos of Casper ! He is really wonderful dog!
(mother: Filomenne NoYap Magicpower´s /import Finland/, father: Zutar What a Cracker /import SA/.

International show in Brno, June 2011

June 27 2011
We are very happy that we entered our eduard just for the show: he obtained his 4th CAC in CZ and now misses only 1 CAC to be a Champion of the Czech republic. We will try it to obtain - if not - we will love our Eduard also without this title:)! Judge: Mrs. Olga Hrabakova

News in SC kennel

June 22 2011
lovely pug puppy named: Muffi /Bikini Mini Mira Canis/. She is imported from Poland. Muffinka is so wonderful small imp, likes to play with all of our staffie girls - she has the same temperament like them! Thanks to Renata from Mira Canis kennel for this lovely pug princess ! Photo gallery here

Club sbt show, Czech Republic

June 12 2011
We like this show because of very nice surroundings so we take part in it every year. This year were judges: Mr. and Mrs. Beaufoy, Wyrefare Kennel /U.K./. I showed my Eduard and Spy (Quo Vadis SC - 7 months): (More info about Club sbt show)

News from Norway: Memfis Slade Czech 15 months

June 07 2011
Thank you to our very good friend Tanja for the perfect photo! Memfis is totally like his parents: our Eduard and our Pritsim Getto Romance "G.B" !

We send a lot of regards to Norway and thanks for update of our puppies!

3 months old pups

April 28 2011
Thanks to our friends for these new perfect photos of our puppies from their new homes ! (Mother Emily Van SC - father: Sheikastaff´s Seen Ya Lookin´ " Vilibald"). They all have wonderful families - again thanks to Marta, Paul and Tanja ! Also we received beautiful photos from Norway of 5-month old pups from our Filomenne - thanks to Charlotte /"Quintinus"/, Cecillie /"Quasqai"/, Linda /"Quantanamera"/ and to Marie /"Quatrefoil"/ !

Newborn pups from Apollanka

April 12 2011
Newborn pups from Apollanka /import Poland/ and Vilibald /import England/: 8 beautiful colored puppies! 6 girls and 2 boys? congrats to Apola to such a wonderful healthy pups!

National show Ostrava, Czech Republic

April 09 2011
We entered our Eduard and our small princess Spy (Quo Vadis SC). Judge: Mr. Vaclavik

Eduard Van Slade Czech /open class/: Excellent 1, CAC
Quo Vadis Slade Czech „Spy“ : Very Promising 1

Blue puppies were born

April 06 2011
6.4.2011 were born 7 wonderful puppies - blue, blue striped.
4 Boys and 3 girls. Sofi is very nice mum !
In the interest in our pups ask me at my mail.

International show Katowice /Poland/

March 18 2011
It was one of the biggest shows in Poland - this year I entered only our Eduard /open class/ and my friend Katka took her bitch Elle to youth class. Judge was from Spain, Mr. Martinez Carlos de Guinea. Eduard´s result: EXCELLENT.

But Elle Pastaff Legion made Katka very happy - she was CWC 1, Best Junior, BOB ! Congrats to Pastaff Legion kennel.

Sending Chilled sperm

March 06 2011
From this year we have possiblity to send chilled sperm from our stud dogs Ken, Eduard and Vilibald around the World. Our veterinary surgeons have got long years experience with this mode of reproduction. This method is very reliable and comfortable not only for females but also for their owners /saves time, money ect/. Semen is checked regularly by our vets and send with 5-day guarantee of life time.

If you are interested in this methode and our stud dogs please ask me for more questions at my cell phone or e-mail me:, /for people using HOTMAIL domain: / .


March 04 2011
We expect two litters: from our English import Sofi and Polish import Apollanka. Sono confirmed their pregnancy today, so we are happy ! Sofi expect blue litter and Apolla colored litter: white/red, white/striped.

Puppies will be born in the beginning of April. In the case of interest pls contact me at my mail or cell phone +420 776559808.

JUNIOR CHAMPION Nissan Of Road Slade Czech

Feb. 27 2011
We have great news! Today at the National Dog Show in Novosibirsk, judge Mrs. Gavrilova, Nissan /11 months/ results : excellent, CW, JCAC, Best Junior, BOB, BISJ - 4, BIG - 1, BIS - 4!

Nissan became today Junior Champion of Russia!

International show Brno

Feb. 07 2011
We took part only on Saturday show although it was two-days Cacib show. We had a judge from Latvia, Mrs. Inese Pablaka. Hard to say opinion if we like her judging after a "small" faux pas - she didn´t recognize white/pied blue color at one of the staffies and described him as a "liver" color with mark: sufficient... By the way - he had already had till this time CAJC or CAC … This dog was our Albermarbull Blue Seraph and his owner Ivana was in a shock 9 Usually we don´t like to do a comments of judge´s results - because every of them have their own view to staffies and it is fine. But standart is only one…

Next results:

- Eduard Van Slade Czech: Excellent
- Face To Face Slade Czech: Excellent 1, CAC !
- Lucianna Toy Slade czech: Excellent
- Image Maker Slade Czech: Excellent
- Nemo Cpt. Slade Czech: Excellent
- Nightfall Slade Czech: VG

Sofi & Leo

Feb. 05 2011
During weekend 5-6.2.2011 our Sofi was mated with wonderful stud dog Leo from Poland.
Thanks to Justyna from Diabielski Usmiech for this extraordinary dog.
Puppies will be born in the beginning of April. They will be L2HGA and HC clear.

Nissan Of Road Slade Czech

Jan. 31 2011
Next wonderful success of our Nissan Of Road Slade Czech in the show ring in Russia !His father is Eduard Van Slade Czech and mother our Apollanka Penn-Staff, we are very proud of the boy!
JCAC, Best Junior, BOB, BIG - 2 : Judge: Ovsyannikov Y.
Well done, Larisa and Nissan!
/Photo from Best in Group: 2/

Quo Vadis Slade Czech

Jan. 19 2011
This beautiful small princess called Spy or Spajinka is a new member in our Slade Czech kennel. We are very proud of her - because of her pedegree: mother our Filomenne /import Finland/ and father Zamu / import South Africa/.

VI. Hanacka National show, Czech Republic, Olomouc 2011

Jan. 08 2011
We visit this show every year because of proximity of the cities: Ostrava - Olomouc = 100 km. Judge: Mr. Polehna - he liked muscular staffies with big heads. Here are results of our dogs and offsprings:

- Eduard Van Slade Czech, open class: EXCELLENT 4
- Albermarbull Blue Seraph, intermediate: EXCELLENT 1, CAC
- Albermarbull Blue Divine, intermediate : VD
- Image Maker Slade Czech, intermediate: EXCELLENT 2, res. CAC

Congratulation to all !

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