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News 2005

November 2005

It has been snowing from yesterday so we play together in the white garden! Our little Noisette doesn´t remeber last snow and she opened her eyes wide around herself.

Since Noisette is in a heat I have to be at home while she is playing with Beti on the snow....I hope that Beti will be in her heat also very soon and I will be play with Noiss too. The fact is that more important is Beti´s heat than the snow for me :0))

September 2005

Last Sunday was taken place the Special show of sbt in Zbraslav, near Brno. There was only our little Noisette which finished with an Excellent mark. It is very nice valuation, there competed 19 bitches in her Youth Class. You can watch some pictures here.

August 2005

This month is often cloudy, rainy and the temperature is about 18 degrees. Beti finished her heat this week so that it is very good news for me: we all can play and go for a walk together. My "girls" are jealous of me because - as a stud dog - I have some offers for mating from other bitches. To tell the truth - I can hardly wait it :-)

Last weekend we were at two-day International shows in capital of the Slovak republic in Bratislava. On Saturday judged Mrs. Ticha from our republic, she was very strict for all dogs. The results are: Ken - Very good, Beti Very good, Noisette Very promising. On Sunday judged Mr. Korösz from Hungary. He was also very watchful. Ken obtain a valuation an Excellent 3, Beti an Excellent 4 and our little Noisette Very promising again.
Noisette´s mother, Jeanne D´Arc Daffodil Yellow, was an Excellent 1 - CACIB. We are very glad because we hope that our Noisette Daffodil Yellow will follow in mother´s footsteps! These shows were very nice. The next year we will surely back there again.

July 2005

The weather is very pleasant so we go sometimes to the countryside. We like swimming in the river very much. If you want to see some pictures from the Beskydy mountains and Moravka river click here.
So my masters would like to cover Beti at the autumn /October, November/ - of course with me. Whole our family enjoy the future puppies.
Noisette was in heat this month, although she is 7 months old. And our Beti came into the season surprisingly too ! Beti is in heat after 4,5 months from her first heat so we have to put off her mating approximately till December 2005. But I will update this web pages in time .

May 2005

Last week we took part in our Club show. The weather was kindly. There were about 160 dogs and bitches. Judges were: Mr. and Mrs. Hedges from England. I went to the ring as the first - there were 26 dogs and only 6 of them were awarded such as an excellent. I was among the 6 of the best dogs ! Beti had rivalry of 26 bitch too and she won yet! She is now : Club winner, V1 , CAJC, The best young bitch ! There was a joy to watch them !

March 2005

I have news for you: we have got a new puppie - bitch. Her name is Noisette Daffodil Yellow, 3 months old, black - brindle with black mask and white chest.

She was born on 13th December 2004y, her mother is pretty J.Ch. Jeanne D´ Arc Daffodil Yellow and father is beuatiful Erkan Aki Daffodil Yellow - he is a son of handsome dog Int. Ch., MultiCh. Dalestock London Pride. On this saturday a National show will take place in our city. I´ll give you know about the results.

February 2005

Yesterday the International show took place in Brno. There were about 63 staffbulls. All of them were very handsome and nice. Great competiton! In my category there were 10 dogs and I have placed - an excellent 2. Beti has appreciated as an excellent 3 /she is 8 months now/. It is very nice appreciation for us.

January 2005

Hello, I haven´t written for so long.
No winter, no snow in our republic. And I like snow very much. Never mind. The International show is approaching on February and the next one - National show - will be taken place on March. I am looking forward to the exhibitions. I will inform you about results.

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