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News from Russia !

Nov. 16 2010
Nissan of Road Slade Czech again Excellent ! In two-days show he was again Very promising and moreover BEST PUPPY in both shows! Judge : Mrs. Chistyakov said - she remembers his daddy(our Eduard) from club sbt show from Czech republic (Edik was Exc.2 there) and that Nissan is a high quality dog… Thanks to Larissa and Nissan for this wonderful news from Novosibirsk !


Nov. 06 2010
Long expected Filomenne´s childbearing passed off without problems : she gave us 4 wonderful boys and 1 beautiful female ! All of them are ok and owing to Filo´s milkiness they will not suffer from hunger ever

Autumn descriptive show

Oct. 22 2010
This was the last show for possiblity to be breed for us English import: blue bitch Sofie and white-red dog Vilibald. Now they both are classed : "suitable for breeding"


Oct. 19 2010
Newborn puppies: mother Face To Face Slade Czech and father Black Klenot Bu-Am-Sti became today very proud parents of 3 wonderful girls! Congratulations to mother Fejsy !
In the case of interest in some of the beautiful girls contact me:


September 29 2010
Filomenne´s pregnancy was confirmed today - we are very happy. Puppies will be born in the first days of November.

National show in Brno

September 25 2010
Brno is only 2 hours by car so it was not important to ovesleep near this show. Weather was also very nice - sunny and quite hot. Judge: Mrs. Volsicka (CZ), More photos

- Eduard Van Slade Czech: EXCELLENT 3
- Nemo Cpt. Slade Czech : VERY PROMISING 1
- Albermarbull Blue Divine "Sofi" : EXCELLENT
- Apollanka Penn-Staff: VG
- Albermarbull Blue Seraph: EXCELLENT 2

Special show Rybniky u Dobrise

September 04 2010
Because of the mating our Filomenne in Holland I couldn´t b ethere at the show. My Eduard was handled by Miss. Klara - so thanks for the super handling! Results :

- Albermarbull Blue Divine (Sofie): EXCELLENT
- Eduard Van Slade Czech (Edík): EXCELLENT
- Apollanka Penn-Staff (Api): VG
- Lucianna Toy Slade Czech (Toya): VG
- Face To Face Slade Czech (Fejsy) : EXCELLENT 2, res. CAC !

Judge for females: Mrs. Mats Lindborg (SWE), Judge for males: Mr. András Kórozs (HUN) More informations

JOE MALLEN MEMORIAL 2010, St. Pölten, Austria

September 07 2010
This day I was still in HOlland so my Eduard missed me in the ring. But thanks to Alena which handled my Edik very well in the ring. A lot of dogs received only VG or G marks - in youth class only one girl obtain Exc.mark from total number 19th girls, the rest of them VG or G….Only our Face To Face Slade Czech again was doing very very nice in the ring again and she was: Excellent 3.
Judge for dogs: Mrs. Nancie Booth (GB), Judge for females: Mr. Paul Grimwood (GB)

Filo´s mating - Holland

September 07 2010
Long trip to Holland was very very pleasant - not only because of wonderful nature, a lot of channels, boats and bicycles but the first of all because of wonderful people Andreas and Michelle and all atmosphere during our visit there. Huge thanks also goes to their dog Zutar What a Cracker "Zamu". He is adorable so much and so fantastic nature, the same like Filomenne. So we hope this mating was successful and there will be born so perfect puppies like their parents: : beautiful and good-natured. Sono will be done around 1st of October. Andreas and Michelle - thank you! More photos from our trip to Holland

Regional dog show Ostrava, Czech Republic

August 15 2010
The show goes ahead yearly in the beautiful place of Slezsko-ostravsky castle. Nearly all day was raining. But it didn´t mind to EDUARD :

- Excellent 1, - Regional winner, - 2 nd BEST adult dog IN SHOW

World Dog Show, Danmark - Herning

Jun 25 2010
This year WDS was much more show of Nordic countries that worldwide, moreover the judge came from Finland for dogs and from Poland for bitches. A lot of exhibitors were disillusioned from their judgments - it is fine when judge is strict but also must be impartial and fair and "gives" to all equally. A lot of staffies obtained Very good or Good marks - and nobody knows why : Good teeth, good movement, good presentation...and these results......More informations

SBT Open show in Norway

Jun 12 2010
Congratulation to our "puppies" in Norway to very nice results! Judge: Mr. James Beaufoy /England/:

Jewel Bianca Slade Czech : Excellent 3
Gallant Princess Slade Czech: Excellent 4

Entered: 21 bitches in their class !

Congratulations, our darlings !

SBT Show

Jun 12 2010
Very nice weather was fine all day and nearly all of us had to cool our dogs by wet towels...We were very happy to have judgment from two English experienced judges and they made these judgments of our staffies...More informations


Jun 02 2010
2.6.2010 our Noisette gave birth to 8 georgeous puppies: 5 boys and 3 girls. Proud daddy is our Eduard. The childbearing took only 3 hours and pups and Nois are healthy and in super condition More informations

Speciality SBT Show, Komárom-Erőd, Hungary

May 24 2010
We went for the 500 km far show because of judgment of Ms. Beaufoy - to obtain the judgement just from the English reputable judge. They took part our Eduard, Vilibald and Sofie with the results: More informations

International dog show

May 15 2010
PThese two day Cacib show was hold in Capital of Slovak republic - Bratislava. I entered there Eduard Van Slade Czech and our little princess Lucianna Toy Slade Czech "Toya" - 4 months.

Toya was shown by her co-owner Vera. We are also very proud of our breeding: Face To Face Slade Czech "Fejsy" and also puppy from our Ken. More informations

News from Norway

May 01 2010
Perfect news came from Norway this weekend 1-2.5 : After this show we can say that we can be really proud of our breeding: Our Noisette´s puppies: GALLANT PRINCESS SLADE CZECH was placed on wonderful 4th place (of course Excellent mark). And another Noisette´s "puppy" 2,5 years old DODGE SLADE CZECH won :

- Excellent 1
- The best male in class
- The best in race
- The best in terrier group
- The best of the show !!

There were entered more then 300 dogs ! SO CONGRATULATION TO YOU , LINE AND DODGE !! We are very proud of all of us - also of our little Gallant Princess - Mira

Planned Litters

April 29 2010
Ultrasound confirmed Noisette´s pregnancy: Puppies will be born around 3.6.2010 and will be genetically clear of L2HGA and HC. More informations in Planned litters.

News from Norway

April 22 2010
Huge luck had our 3 pups from our Pritsim Getto Romance and Eduard Van Slade Czech leaving to Norway last week. One day later after their departure from Czech republic volcano Eyjafjallajokull on Island erupted lavas and all flights were cancelled for several days. And here you can see how they are doing in their new homes.

Planned Litters

April 18 2010
During the Easter we mated our Noisette Daffodil Yellow with our Eduard Van Slade Czech. If the mating is succesfful we will learn in the end of April. And if our Filo gives to us puppies too we will know around 11.5. when we will go for sonography. She was mated by amazing dog imported from South Africa to Europe - Zutar What A Cracker. More about these two matings at: Planned Litters

National show in Ostrava

April 10 2010
According we live only 5 km from the showground we had really a lot of time for morning coffee. Eduard was shown in open class with result: EXCELLENT 4. Judge: Mr. Adlt

News from Italy: Jumbo Jet Slade Czech

March 31 2010
Thanks to Marula for the wonderful photos! Jumbo Jet Slade Czech "Dandy" looks adorable!

He is going to start his show carrier asap and we hope he will be very succesfull - like his mother Filomenne.

News from Brazil: Jacko Torostaffies Slade Czec

March 25 2010
We are very pleased from new photos of out Jacko Torostaffies Slade Czech. He is georgeous: Totally like his mother Filomenne : : :

Thanks to Hudson for updating us !

Terrier Club Show, Haarlev, Denmark

March 20 2010
News from Denmark! Puppy from our Filomenne - Janeiro Amazing Slade Czech "Nemo" /7 months/ was doing very well in two-days Terrier Club show :

Very Promissing, Best Puppy in Breed
Judge was Marie-Luise Doppelreiter from Austria she said: "Almost Finished in size, strong head, correct expression, strong body, good angulations, moves well for age."

Very Promissing, Best Puppy in Breed again! Huge kiss from all of us Nemo...


Feb 15 2010
This Monday our GB whelped 9 gold puppies - 5 girls and 4 boys. Unfortunatelly one smallest girl died after ä few hours...

GB is very scrupulous mother:). The first pics here and then in Planned litters periodically new ones.

International Duo Cacib show, Brno, Czech Republic

Feb 06 2010
This two days show took placed in Brno every year. This year we entered our Eduard Van Slade Czech and for the frist time also our blue English import Sofi /7months/ - to come by experience. Judge: Mr. Polehňa, CZ

On Sunday we had possiblity to have judgement from Judge Mr. Brown (England). We want to say also congrats to our offspring Image Maker Slade Czech "Barney" (parents are our Ken and Apolla): from 10 registered dogs only 5 were Excellent - and Barney was 5th!

Results Saturday
- Eduard Van Slade Czech : EXCELLENT 4, open class (9 dogs registered)
- Blue Divine Albermarbul: PROMISING, puppy class (7 months)

Results Sunday
- Eduard Van Slade Czech : EXCELLENT 4, open class (14 registered dogs)
- Blue Divine Albermarbul: PROMISING, puppy class

Lucianna Toy Slade Czech

Feb 02 2010
Lucianna Toy Slade Czech: this girl was born of our Emily and Holland stud dog Hummer.

She will live with our friends near Prague and will be bred on our Slade Czech kennel.


Jan 13 2010
13.1.2010 - our Emily gave birth to one puppy today. Both of our girls are in a super condition and without problems:) Childbearing went off very quick. Both Emily and her puppy eat very well so we are very happy that everything is ok.

She takes care perfect and nonstop of our little girl. Puppy is gold without white marks.

National show Olomouc

Jan 08 2010
This year was entered only Eduard Van Slade Czech in this show with this result:


Very nice placing obtained also our Albermarbull Blue Seraph: Very promising 2 ! Class: puppy 6-9 months, Judge: Mr. Vaclavik. Congrats and thanks to Eduard and Serafin for their perfect presentation !

Pritsim Getto Romance, Apollanka Penn-Staff & Eduard Van Slade Czech

Jan 07 2010
In December 2009 we mated our English import Pritsim Getto Romance ("G.B") with our stud dog Eduard Van Slade Czech (World Dog show 2009 - place). These pups will be born in half of February 2010 and will be genetically clear of L2HGA and HC.

We have mated also our Apollanka Penn-Staff 2-4.1.2010 with our Eduard Van Slade Czech (World Dog show 2009 - place). Puppies will be born in March 2010 and will be genetically clear of L2HGA and HC.

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